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PlayPad (White) Product Support

SKU # 80693

What is the PlayPad line of controllers?
The PlayPad line of controllers are wireless Bluetooth controllers designed to allow your precise, console like control of your favorite Android based games.
What tablets and phones does the PlayPad work with?
The PlayPad line of controllers works with any Android device running Android 3.0 or greater and that has Bluetooth support.
What games can I play with the PlayPad?
The PlayPad utilizes different modes to allow you to play 1000s of android games. Gamepad mode allows for compatibility with games that support the standard HID protocol developed by NVidia. Mouse mode allows for compatibility with simple touch games. If your game supports none or limited controller input, Nyko’s Playground app will allow you to code specific keyboard, gamepad and touch events to buttons on the controller for compatibility with most all Android games and apps. You can search for compatible games on our PlayPad Microsite coming soon.
What is HID?
In reference to PlayPad, HID refers to the gamepad protocol developed in conjunction with NVidia to allow for built in support for controllers in today’s top android games.
Can I use Playground with any Bluetooth controller?
No. Playground is developed for use exclusively with Nyko PlayPad devices.
Where can I download Nyko’s Playground App?
You can download Nyko’s Playground App on the Google Play Store through your device or online here soon.
How much does Playground cost?
Playground is a free download on the Google Play Store.
Do I have to root my device to use the PlayPad or Playground?
No. The PlayPad and Playground do not require any rooting of Android or modification of the device to work.
Is Playground required to use my PlayPad on my device?
No, both HID/Gamepad mode and mouse mode are 100% compatible without the Playground App.
My phone/tablet runs a Samsung/HTC/Asus etc skinned version of Android, will the PlayPad still work?
Yes. The PlayPad will work on “skinned” versions of Android as long as they are running Android 3.0 or higher, have Bluetooth and have access to the Google Play Store.
How do I know what controller methods my games support?
Please visit our game compatibility and mode recommendation website coming soon
How is the PlayPad powered? Does it require batteries?
The PlayPad is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, no disposable batteries are required.
How do I charge the PlayPad?
The PlayPad comes with a USB to Micro USB dongle allowing you to easily charge the controller from any powered USB port. Any Micro USB cable can also be used to recharge the PlayPad.
What’s the difference between the PlayPad and PlayPad Pro?
The PlayPad is a smaller, travel ready controller that comes with a stand and specialized hard carry case. The PlayPad Pro is a full sized console style controller. The PlayPad Pro features 2 analog sticks, while the PlayPad features 2 analog sliders. Functionality wise, they will both work identically to one another.
Can I use the PlayPad on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or other gaming consoles?
No. The PlayPad will not work with other gaming consoles
Will the PlayPad work on PC or Mac?
Yes. The PlayPad is recognized as either a GamePad or a Mouse in either GamePad or Mouse mode. To use the PlayPad in GamePad mode, the software must support gamepad input. Please check your software manual for details on gamepad support. In Mouse mode, the PlayPad will allow you to move the cursor, and right and left mouse click. Please note that the PlayPad has been designed and tested for use on Android devices, and compatibility with PC or Mac is not supported nor guaranteed by Nyko Technologies.
Does the PlayPad work with my iPhone or iPad?
Yes, the PlayPad line of controllers can sync with your iOS device in iCade™ mode and be used to play any iCade compatible game. (iCade is a registered trademark of Thing Geek Inc)
What’s iCade?
iCade is a highly supported control input standard for iOS games developed by Ion® and ThinkGeek™ and used by a variety of iOS input devices. (Ion is a registered trademark of inMusic Brands Inc. ThinkGeek is a trademark of Geeknet inc.)
What games can I play with iCade Mode?
A full list of iCade compatible games can be found here.
When is Touch Mapping coming to the Playground app?

We are aware of the various complaints concerning the Playground app and the demand for Touch Mapping Support. We are working tirelessly to resolve these issues in a timely manner, and look to bring the Playground app out of beta with a new release in Q1 2013. We will soon release a firm date when consumers can expect the completed app.

This updated version of the Playground app will address various bugs and usability issues as well as adding Simple Touch Support. Simple Touch Support will allow users to execute point, click and drag controls with ease on the PlayPad or PlayPad Pro controller.

Due to changes in Android 4.1, we cannot provide Full Touch Mapping support at this time. We are currently investigating several options to bring Full Touch Mapping support to the Playground/PlayPad system, and will provide updates regarding the progress of Full Touch Mapping as we can. In addition, Nyko is approaching developers of the top Android titles to code support for the HID protocol of the PlayPad and PlayPad Pro to maximize the number of titles that inherently support the PlayPad line. It was, and still is our goal, to ensure maximum compatibility of games with the PlayPad line, and we will continue to work towards this end.