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AirFlo EX for PC/Mac Product Support

SKU # 80650

What are the minimum system requirements for the Air Flo EX for PC/MAC Controller?
PC - Windows 2000 or Windows XP only with minimum required RAM for these Windows operating systems. An available USB port. MAC - Macintosh OS 10.2 or higher with minimum RAM for these MAC operating systems. An available USB port.
What does the Nyko Mapping Software do?
The Nyko Mapping Software allows the Air Flo EX for PC/MAC to replicate mouse and keyboard actions on the controller making it compatible with every computer game, whether it supports the use of a game pad or not.
Will the Air Flo EX for PC/MAC controller work on my Macintosh computer?
Yes, the latest version of the Nyko Mapping Software adds functionality for Macintosh computers running OS 10.2 and higher.
Where can I download the Nyko Mapping Software?
You can download the Nyko Mapping Software at the Air Flo EX for PC/MAC product page found here.
Can I use the Nyko Mapping Software with my old Air Flo for PC/MAC Controller?
The Nyko Mapping Software only works with the Nyko Air Flo EX for PC/MAC controller. It will not work on any past Nyko PC controllers or any other manufactures controllers.
Can I use other USB devices like a USB flight stick or secondary USB gamepad while using the Air Flo EX for PC/MAC?
Why won’t the LED light on my Air Flo EX for PC/MAC go on?
If the LED light on the controller is not ON, check your USB connection. On rare occasions a driver conflict may need to be resolved. Check the USB port or try a different USB port if one is available.
What should I do if my Air Flo technology stops working?
If the LED light is ON, but the fan is not functioning, check to see if anything is interfering with the rotation of the fan blades. If not, please contact the place of purchase, or Nyko for further assistance.
Why aren’t my controls working correctly in game?
Make sure that you are using the correct profile for the game you wish to play. It is always a good idea to check the profile before you begin to ensure that the button configuration is the one you need for that game.
How do I create custom profiles?
To create custom profiles for each of your games, open the Nyko Mapping Software, "clone" the current profile, and customize your controls as you see fit. Then save the profile. You can then load that profile whenever you wish to play the game.
How do I load a custom profile?
To load your custom profiles, open the Nyko Mapping Software, and click the profile drop down menu. Then select the profile you wish to use.
When I open the Nyko Mapping Software, why do I get a “Can’t connect to Air Flo Controller” warning?
Make sure your Air Flo controller is directly inserted into your PC’s USB port. The Controller must be connected for you to modify, create and load Air Flo EX for PC/MAC profiles.
Will I be able to remap the buttons on the Air Flo EX for PC/MAC to match the configuration of other pads?
Yes, you can assign any keystroke to any button on the Air Flo EX for PC/MAC using the included driver software.
Can I use the Air Flo EX for PC/MAC as a standard USB gamepad without using the driver on gamepad compatible games?
Yes, you can use the Air Flo EX for PC/MAC on USB gamepad compatible games. For best results, make sure no profile is loaded in the Remap Joypad program, and that you configure your gamepad settings within the game control menu.
Can i leave the Air Flo EX for PC plugged in at all times?
Why does my system crash upon driver installation and use?
You may have an uncommon software/hardware conflict. Please contact Nyko.