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Charge Station Quad Product Support

SKU # 87060

Can I use my Wii Remote™ jackets or rubber skins with the Charge Station Quad?
No. The Charge Station Quad is not compatible with any rubber sleeve or jacket that goes over the Wii Remote. The Sleeve or jacket must be removed in order to charge the Wii remotes.
Is the Charge Station Quad rubberized battery cover compatible with other accessories and attachments for my Wii Remote?
Most attachments are compatible with the rubberized battery cover, including Nyko accessories like the Perfect Shot, Classic Controller Grip and FrontMan for Wii™.
How does the Charge Station Quad get power?
The Charge Station Quad plugs into any standard wall outlet. There is no USB cable or port required.
Can I purchase extra battery packs and covers for the Charge Station Quad?
Yes. Nyko does make the Battery Kit which comes with 1 additional battery pack and 1 additional battery cover for use with the Charge Station Quad.
Can I use any rechargeable batteries in the Charge Station Quad?
No. Only use the battery packs that came with the Charge Station, or in the Battery Kit for Charge Station sold by Nyko.
Can I leave my Wii Remotes in the charging dock after they are done charging?
Yes, all of Nyko’s chargers feature smart charge technology which will automatically stop the charging process once the rechargeable battery is at full power. This way, the charging dock can also act as a storage unit for your controllers as well as a charging center.