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Wireless Sensor Bar Product Support

SKU # 87005

Do I have to connect/install the Wireless Sensor Bar to the Wii™?
No. Simply power on and place the Wireless Sensor Bar in place of your wired sensor bar. There are no dongles or software to install.
How does the Wireless Sensor Bar work without being connected the Wii with a cord or dongle?
Wireless Sensor Bar is powered by 4 AA batteries, which eliminates the need for a power cord. The infrared field created by the Wireless Sensor Bar allows the Wii Remote™ to communicate its position with the Wii Console.
How far away can the Wireless Sensor Bar be away from the Wii console?
The Wireless Sensor Bar can be placed any distance away from the console as it does not communicate with the Wii console directly.
How far away can I be from the Wireless Sensor while using the Wii Remote?
You can use the Wii remote up to 25 feet away from the Wireless Sensor Bar.
How is the Wireless Sensor Bar powered?
The Wireless Sensor Bar is powered by 4 AA batteries.
How long do the batteries in the Wireless Sensor bar last?
The 4 AA batteries will power the Wireless Sensor Bar for up to 30 hours.