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Charge Base for 3DS

Battery and charging dock for Nintendo® 3DS™


product overview

Keep your 3DS™ powered for up to twice as long with the Charge Base from Nyko. The Charge Base comes with the Nyko Power Pak+, a double capacity Lithium Ion Polymer battery, designed specifically for the 3DS and a custom charging dock that allows for easy charging and storage of the handheld. Once installed onto the back of the 3DS system, the Power Pak+ battery provides double the capacity of the stock battery while also giving the system a textured grip and de-bossed finger rests, perfect for extended game play sessions. The included charging dock is powered by the stock AC Adaptor that comes with the 3DS and allows for convenient storage and charging of the system. No excess cords, plugs or adaptors, just drop and charge. The Charge Base is everything you need to store, charge and keep your system powered for twice as long. TEST TEXT



2x Capacity
Rechargeable battery with twice the capacity of the standard 3DS battery allows for double the play time
LED Charge Indicators
Easily see when battery is done charging with 2 LED indicator lights
Rubberized Grip
Soft Feel Surface and finger rests on the battery pack provides a stable more comfortable grip
Easily store and charge your 3DS in the stylish and compact dock
  • Double the capacity and play time of the original 3DS battery Charge Base provides convenient and attractive method of charging 3DS console
  • Soft Feel Surface and de-bossed finger rest allow for improved grip and comfortable play
  • Includes mini screwdriver for easy installation
  • Compatible with the original Nintendo power adaptor
  • CE and EL certified high quality lithium polymer battery