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UBoost (Black)

Expanded battery with built-in stand for Wii U GamePad


product overview

Play longer with Nyko’s UBoost for the Wii U GamePad . The UBoost works in conjunction with the existing GamePad battery providing 2x the battery power for up to 10 hours of playtime. The extra playtime of the built-in battery is complemented by a built-in stand, perfect for watching streaming content such as movies or TV shows on the GamePad’s screen. The UBoost easily clips on to the back of the GamePad with no need to remove the internal battery or back cover, making installation as easy as possible. Once you’re done playing, the UBoost easily recharges through the standard GamePad AC adaptor or by placing it in the Charging Dock that is included with the WIi U.



2x Battery Life
The extra-large rechargeable battery provides up to 2x the playtime than the stock GamePad battery
Easy Installation
Attaches to the back of the GamePad, no tools or modification required
The pack does not interfere with the gameplay buttons or ergonomics of the GamePad
Recharges easily through the stock GamePad power adaptor
  • Play up to 2x longer
  • Easily clips on to GamePad, no installation required
  • Works in conjunction with the GamePad battery
  • Built-in stand for watching steaming content
  • Lightweight design
  • Charges through the stock Nintendo GamePad adaptor